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20th Sep 2022

84. Gail L. Taylor-Tubbs: "Answered Prayers"

Gail L. Taylor-Tubbs, 71 years of age and Birth Mom to Andrew Joseph Berry

Gail married Johnny Tubbs in 1993, with a blended family of six Children (first-born son, my second-born/deceased son,  four step children, 17-Grand Children, 1-Great Grandson and Twins on the way in October 2022.

In 1977, when Gail's deceased son Christopher was an infant, she discovered that Massage was good for infants and toddlers.  This is also when she began the search for her first-born.  Massage as a profession stayed on her mind from that time until she became a Certified Massage Therapist in 1997.  Today, after having worked at Spas, Chiropractic offices and as an Instructor of Massage Therapy core curriculum, she is still working in the field of Massage Therapy with a steady clientele at her home studio. 

Gail as a 15-year old birth mother in 1967, she chose to relinquish him to adoption rather than have him grow up, in what she considered, a dysfunctional family. She prayed to God that someone would adopt him and give him everything he wanted and needed.  When Gail found Drew Berry in 2003, she discovered that God had indeed answered her prayers. Drew had been adopted by a Public School Teacher and his wife, a Nurse who could not have children.  He became their first child.

Drew has a blended family of a wife, 6 children, 1 grandson and twin grandchildren on the way. He and his wife just finished building a house in an affluent area of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.  Gail and Drew cherish each other as family and she loves him so much. They are in regular contact with each other.

This episode is lovingly dedicated to Gail's second son, Christopher Elliott Bruce, 08/23/77-10/26/93

Music by Corey Quinn

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